I am a self taught photographer based in Chicago, Illinois. As an outdoors photographer, my areas of interest are peak fall, American prairies, and wildlife. Much of my work is in Lake County, Illinois because of the bounty of fall images. I also shoot a variety of tropical images from the Caribbean to Florida’s Keys and Everglades. One of my pastimes is scouring through the American Great Plains. Some of my favorite prairie photo opportunities have come from travel in Western Dakotas, the Nebraska Sand Hills, and Kansas.

I handle all aspect of production on all of my prints, from the initial scan to final print. I have been exhibiting in the art fair circuit for several years. I have participated in over fifteen juried art fairs in each of the past three seasons. My main cameras are 35mm. I use a Canon EOS and a Fujifilm range finder 645. I work with both 35mm and a medium format print and slide film. Most shots are naturally lighted. I do not use digital cameras

Originally my expertise was photographing fish in sport fishing situations. I have exhibited in two shows with the then Lake County Museum and now Lake County Discovery Museum of Illinois; 1998 and 2001 respectfully.With over 50 images at each show. The photos in the Shore Fish gallery were all caught by me. I reel and simultaneously took their picture. My fish were caught in public waters and were released. I do not use a guide, boats or electronics. These photos were shot over a period of nine years and were hard won. All these prints are legitimate and were done with my personal strict code of ethics concerning the welfare of the fish.